Are you struggling with leaky ducts in your office space spending thousands on high energy bills? You’re not alone. 

According to the EPA , 80% of today’s buildings have leaky ductwork. These leaks are the primary cause of ineffective building exhaust.

If your building’s ventilation shafts leaking, they’re wasting energy, costing you money, and greatly reducing indoor air quality.

Here at AeroBarrier of Arkansas, we can help! We’ve helped plenty of businesses take back their control and go green with our AeroSeal technology sealing system! 

Symptoms of Poor Building Ventilation

-Chronic Odor Issues

-Higher than Normal Energy Bills

-High Rate of Worker Illness & Absenteeism

-Noisy Exhaust Systems

-Persistent Mold & Mildew– especially in bathrooms

Poor building ventilation is a critical issue. Research has clearly linked faulty building ventilation to higher energy costs, added maintenance costs, chronic health issues, reduced worker productivity, increased absenteism, and indoor comfort problems.

Sealing leaky ducts causing poor ventilation is now a straightforward, cost-effective process. Since a fog of aerosolized sealant is applied from the inside of the pressurized ductwork, finding and sealing leaks is done without disruption to existing structures. Projects can often be completed as quickly as a single afternoon and a computer-generated report shows the before and after results.

Now that Aeroseal’s technology has made duct sealing so cost effective and simple to accomplish, duct sealing is quickly rising to the top of the list of strategies for building owners and facility managers looking to reduce energy costs. Aeroseal technology helps buildings of all kinds fix energy consumption problems all throughout the year!

When you’re ready to save energy and go green, call our team at AeroBarrier of Arkansas! We’re here and ready to help you today! 


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