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  • Most people spend 90% of their times indoors.
  • Leaky homes have more toxins than
    outdoor air.
  • Tightly-sealed homes offer green air
    on red days.
  • AeroBarrier is a non-toxic option
    instead of foam. 


save energy & money

  • 70% of energy use is for temperature control.
  • Tight buildings need less energy to hold a comfortable temperature. 
  • A well-sealed home is ready for
    NetZero standards.
  • AeroBarrier is a low cost solution to expensive air leaks.

pollute less

  • 40% of CO2 emissions are from buildings. 
  • Most building emissions are due to overrun HVACs. 
  • AeroBarrier supports a home with less energy demand.
  • AeroBarrier reduces outdoor air emissions.




From start to finish, the sealing process takes just a few hours. Using a blower door, the AeroBarrier system derives air leakage (ACH)
readings in real-time, allowing AeroBarrier of Arkansas to control the entire process and hit the desired target.






Step 1: Prep the area

The equipment is set up at the job site and areas not meant to be sealed are covered. The desired space to be sealed is set up with emitters to evenly distribute the sealant.

Step 2: pressurize

The space is pressurized with a blower door or duct blast and the computer does the rest. Temperature, humidity, and sealant distribution are all controlled during the process.

STEP 3: seal

See the results in real-time. Throughout the application process, the computer displays air loss improvement. This allows full control of the desired level of air tightness and leakage reduction.

Step 4: Certify

A final leakage test is performed to verify the sealing results. At the end of the process a certificate is presented with the pre and post leakage report. Guaranteed to meet all state standards.



approved for any type of project