Breaking Down the Process – How AeroSeal Works

From preparation and pretesting the duct work all the way to handing you the AeroSeal certificate.

1. Prepare the System
Plugging the registers with foam forces the air in the duct work to escape through leaks. By forcing air to escape through leaks we are able to pretest the duct system and begin the duct sealing process.

A small access hole is cut into the supply or return and a temporary collar is attached. The air conditioning indoor coil, fan, and furnace are temporarily blocked with a foam plug to prevent sealant particles from entering this part of the system.

The next step of the process is to pretest and inject non-toxic sealant into the duct work. The pretest measures exactly how much duct leakage the system has in square inches and also calculates just how much air is escaping through leaks in the duct work.

2. Pretest The Duct work
Once the system is properly prepped the AeroSeal machine is connected to the duct work using lay flat tubing.

The Air Duct Diagnostic pretest will detect the exact amount of duct leakage in the duct system. The typical duct leakage detected in a home is between 30-40%.

Next, the non-toxic, UL tested and approved, aerosol sealant is injected into the duct system. As the sealant exits the duct work through leaks it begins to collect on the edge of the hole until the leak is completely sealed. AeroSeal can seal leaks up to 5/8ths of an inch.

3. Seal The Duct work
Small aerosol particles are injected and kept suspended in the airflow by continuous air movement.

The aerosol particles begin collecting on the edges of holes and cracks in the duct work and seal the leaky duct work from the inside. This entire process is computer controlled where you can monitor the results in real time showing you just how effective the AeroSeal process is. Ducts are sealed with only 1 to 2 oz. of sealant material.

4. Review The Results
A computer generated analysis summarizes the home’s duct leakage reduction providing you with verification of the success of the AeroSeal application. Once the process is complete the certified our technician will provide you with a printed certificate summarizing the results.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home!

Here’s the DIRTY TRUTH! You’re not getting the most out of your heating & air system. Did you know about 25% to 40% of the air that’s supposed to blow through your vents is escaping through your cracks and holes in your air ducts? 


Duct sealing is fast – Sealing ducts in new construction takes only a few hours. Existing homes take some time to set up, but are still usually finished in only one day.

Duct sealing is easy and nondestructive – The unique sealing process is done from the inside so even leaks that are hidden behind walls, under insulation, in tight spaces or in other inaccessible places are tightly sealed. And we don’t need to cut through drywall.

Duct sealing is safe – The sealant is completely non-toxic, UL listed and approved and Low VOC certified. It smells a bit like Elmer’s glue, but the slight odor is usually gone within a day.

Duct sealing is guaranteed – A 10 year warranty is included, but it has been stress-tested for over 40 years of durability.

Duct sealing helps protect the environment – By reducing your energy use/waste and lowering the amount of carbon emissions leaking to the outdoors, our environment will be a cleaner place for our future.

 Variations in room temperatures

Did you know that your duct work is most likely the cause of this problem? Leaks in your duct work cause losses of conditioned air before it gets to your rooms. Sometimes poor duct design and careless initial installation can cause ducts to perform poorly. In another case, a duct can be so long that back pressure causes air flows to be too low, which in turn affects delivery temperatures. Raising and lowering the thermostat to compensate means that other parts of your home will be overheated or overcooled. 

 Excess Dust? Allergies at home?

Your ductwork might be causing the problem. Leaks in return ducts pull in dust from dirty attics, basements and crawl spaces. The polluted air can bypass the filter, be delivered to your furnace fan, then distributed into your supply ducts and finally blown into the living area of your home. AeroBarrier of Arkansas can improve your indoor air quality along with your allergies.

When the computerized AeroSeal process begins on your business/home, all room ceiling or floor registers are removed and foam plugs are installed in their place.

The exclusive AeroSeal technology injects adhesive particles into the duct system. The adhesive attaches directly onto the edges of the holes, creating a seal without coating the ductwork. The results are verified and provided into you upon completion of sealing.